…To Implement Viable Biodegradable Packaging

Biodegradable packaging, I believe, could alleviate so many of our environmental problems, yet we continue to use the same plastic packaging for chips, cereal, etc.


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…To Help First Time Home Buyers

This is a comment I posted on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show web page, in response to a feature on the effect of President Obama’s housing recovery plan on local communities in the New York metro area. (more…)

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…To get more time!

There’s just never enough time to investigate every interesting thing I come across. I have a very hard time with that.

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…To Make Them Pay

As US taxpayers prepare once again to pay through their noses for the folly of a few hundred greedy financial power brokers (public and private), our government is talking about taking even MORE of our money to clean up their mess. These people are getting away scott-free with with untold millions. (more…)

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…To Save the Whales

I recently saw one of Exxon Mobil’s slick new TV ads espousing Exxon’s commitment to developing new technologies that will reduce global warming. I was actually very impressed. Subsequently, I opened an email from Greenpeace showing a dead beached whale, with news of a pod of rare melon-head whales that beached themselves due to seismic testing conducted by Exxon off the coast of Madagascar. (more…)

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…to win more gold medals than anyone else!!!

Most people must think Michael Phelps is really amazing. And he is, but not for the reason you think. His lung capacity, as well as the oxygen carrying capacity of his blood is probably twice that of a normal human male of his height and weight. In other words, he’s a freak of nature! He’s a mutant! This reminds me of the female supermodels that western society holds up as the standard of beauty for women. They’re also genetic freaks! Yet no one seems to take this into account. I think its worth remembering.

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